05 November 2005

In the winter of 1966 I and my gang of other big-eyed, small-brained, thrill-seeking 8 year-olds flew down a snow-covered hill in central Washington holding on for dear life to the blanket-wrapped edges of a flipped over car hood from a 1940-something Chevy.

I don’t know whose idea it was to turn that car hood into a toboggan, but when we arrived at the bottom of the slope we all thanked God we were alive. And then we dragged it back up the hill and did it again. And again. And again.

I always thought the blanket was a nice touch … the illusion of protection can be comforting. It’s not too often that safety and insanity hold hands as tightly as they did that frosty, unsilent night.

Since resigning from George Fox University five months ago, my life has reminded me many times of that cold, square, iron bobsled ride. Tightly packed. Bumpy. Exhilarating. Tears created by joy and fear flowing in unison.

Recently I've been thinking back to that nearly-four-decades-old night, and each time that memory-smile comes on my face I tell myself that I'd sure welcome the chance to head up that hill again … partly because I'd love to relive that night when we laughed in the face of sanity and barreled down a frosty hill while screaming our heads off … but also because I've thought that staying distracted during this current season of waiting might be just what the doctor ordered.

But today, thinking more about it, I’m seeing that what I need more than distraction, is focus. Yes, I need to do some “fun stuff” right now too. But for purposes of recreation and re-creation, not distraction. I think that I need to focus on David’s admonition to “forget not God’s benefits” (Psalm 103:2), remembering how God has concretely and consistently provided for me and my family throughout the many chapters of our life together. I think I need to focus on, and be thankful about the simple truths ...
  • That I'm alive.
  • That God has given me a wonderful family.
  • That God chose to send His Son Jesus Christ to the world so that people like me might have to opportunity to share in eternal life with Him in the future, and experience a fulfilled life with Him and others in the here and now.
If you were here right now with me in my living room, I’d have three little words for you ... HOLD ON TIGHT! — HOLD ON TIGHT! to Jesus. And HOLD ON TIGHT to the blanket-wrapped edges of whatever particular "car hood of life" you find yourself flying down the hill on right now. HOLD ON TIGHT! Godspeed.



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Brendon said...

Sorry, I'm not going to help with the focus, but I can definitely pitch in with and offer more distractions!

Good to find you online, Gregg. :-)

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