20 August 2007


My mother-in-law Pat is dying from
lung cancer in Spokane, Washington.
Pat's hope in Jesus is strong -- her body and mind are weak.
Pat's smile is beautiful -- her words are few.
Pat's weariness is visible -- and so is her faith.

Pat doesn't seem to be afraid of what is happening.
I ask her about her feelings ...
giving her a chance to let out what
shouldn't be held in.

I ask Pat, "How close is Jesus to you right now?"
She replies, "He's so close that we are one ...
He's not leave me.
He's not forsaking me.
He's loving me into His presence."

I believe her.

Life ... when we choose to live it in the presence
of Jesus Christ, then starting the next chapter we call
"eternity" doesn't seem like such a huge transition.

God, teach me to live like I am dying.
Counting the cost of my words.
Counting the value of my relationships.
Counting the purpose of my life.
Valuing what is of Your Kingdom, and
letting go of what it is not.

Yesterday I read that Ruth Bell Graham's
epitaph reads ...

"End of construction -- thank you for your patience."

I think that had they had the chance to meet, that Pat
and Ruth would have been good friends. Kindred spirits
with their hearts and minds pointed towards heaven.

My wife Teresa, and our two youngest sons, Ian and Jesse
will drive home to Newberg today. But our hearts remain
here and I know that we'll be back soon.




17 August 2007

The Gospel message about Jesus and what He came to do is the good news that God loves the world, and has offered to pay the price for our sins – and repair the chasm between us and God that our sin has caused. Jesus doesn’t condemn us because we’re already condemned, and dead in our sins. And this is why and how Jesus is different from all the leaders of other world religions.

An old story tells of a man traveling the globe on foot, when, somewhere in his travels, he found himself trapped in quicksand. As he slowly sank, five different world religious leaders came by.

CONFUCIUS came by and said, ‘Confucius
say, it is evident man should avoid such
situations,’ as he went on his way.

MOHAMED came by and said, ‘Alas, this
is the will of Allah,’ as he walked on by.

BUDDHA came up to the man and said,
‘Let this your dilemma be an illustration
for many,’ and he passed by.

KRISHNA came by and said, ‘Better luck
next time,’ and then he kept on truckin’.

But then JESUS CHRIST came by, reached
out to the man, grabbed him by the arms,
and pulled him out.

I want to know this Jesus Christ, this One who reaches down into the pit, grabs onto my outstretched arms and pulls me out! Will you join me? Godspeed