06 November 2008


I can't believe it ... but it's almost here. Logos Software ... the Bible software long recognized by all Bible scholars, students, pastors, and laypersons alike as the best Bible software application available ... best searching, best interface, best resource tie-ins, best library add-ons, etc ... is finally almost available for Macintosh! Yippee! Check it out at ...


I just received an email from the Logos folks and they're now accepting pre-orders for it, and so baring the second coming, I have a feeling I know what's going to be under my Christmas tree! It's been a long time coming, and I smell the scent of 12 verbs a parsing in the wind! Good night and Godspeed.




Kyle said...

Oh man I can't wait. I've been dealing with Parallels and dirty windows on my Mac for some time. I think I'm a purist, because I just want windows off my mac. Thanks for turning me on to Apple!

Gregg Lamm said...


Which Kyle in my life are you? I have several such wonderfully named people! Godspeed. - Gregg

Kyle said...

This comment and the comment from before is from the grateful Kyle Welstad!

Gregg Lamm said...

Dear Kyle Welstad the Great! Thanks for clarifying who you are. What are you and Christina doing these days? I'd heard that you'd moved. Godspeed. - Gregg