15 April 2008


My mom Nancy had a stroke last Thursday. I feel helpless because I am ... just as I'm sure my mom feels helpless. Larry Hine, a man who has been a spiritual director to both the late Henri Nouwen, and to Brennan Manning often used a blessing with these two men, that for some reason keeps coming to mind during these days and nights ...

"May all your expectations be
frustrated. May all your plans
be thwarted. May all of your
desires be withered into nothing-
ness, that you may experience
the powerlessness and poverty of
a child and sing and dance in the
love of God the Father the Son,
and the Spirit." Amen!

Like you, I wish I knew the way the road ahead is going to turn -- up, down, right, or left. But of course, we cannot know such things. And so I make the choice to surrender, to trust, to wait, to pray, to listen, to hope, to embrace, and to cherish.

The picture above this post was taken by my brother Brad. It's his hand holding my mom's as she lays in her hospital bed. I believe it's a good visual metaphor of how God is holding onto my mom right now -- and of course, to me and to you. Small steps. Big God. Godspeed.



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kathy said...

Gregg, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. These are troubling times. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Blessings on Don as he and your mom journey forward together from here. My hope is for full and speedy recovery.