11 February 2008


I love it when I'm asked to describe 2nd Street Community Church -- the flock I've been serving as lead pastor-teacher since July of 2006. Here's what I shared with them yesterday at the beginning of our worship services ... I think that my words describe pretty well who we are, what we're up to, and why we exist.

Welcome to 2nd Street Community Church. We’re a rag-tag band of followers of Jesus Christ who want to take off our masks and be real before God. We want to be a church where acceptance of hurting, disenfranchised, people – people who are in the margins of life – is the rule and not the acceptance to the rule.

Our MISSION STATEMENT says that we’re "spiritual seekers cooperating with God and one another to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ." We value LOVE, COMMUNITY, AUTHENTICITY, SEEKING, TRUTH, GROWING, and SERVING.

We’re not perfect people piously opening our arms to imperfect people. Rather, we’re people from all walks of life, from all kinds of backgrounds, with all kinds of baggage, who gather together here at the Armory each week – and in Community Groups throughout the week – to worship God, to learn from God, to be in God’s presence and to hear God’s voice, so that through surrender and sacrifice we can become less and less like the “old us” and be transformed more and more into the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, the Lover of our Souls …

So that His THOUGHTS become our thoughts, so that His WORDS become our words, so that His ACTIONS become our actions. Because if we’re not being transformed into the family-likeness of Jesus Christ, no matter how badly we want to, we’ll never be able to live into and live out the will of God for our lives. Welcome ragamuffins.

Does this sound like a place where you might fit in? If so, come visit us. Our website and other contact information is found below. Godspeed.




Cell | 971.832.0010
Email | gregg.lamm@gmail.com
Web | www.2ndstreet.org

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