23 May 2007


First, an apology about my blog-life. My new work at 2nd Street Community Church is taking a lot of time (I'm the only full-time employee in a church of 350 folks), and so I've taken less time to do blogging than I'd like to. But please don't give up on me or on this site. I'll begin posting more consistently in the very near future.

Our "with-God life" oftentimes reflects a fragile balance between being honest and dishonest about where we are inviting God to be involved in our it. I am finding that the following questions help me tip the scales toward honesty.
  1. Have you joyfully and consistently spent time in Bible study and prayer since we last met?
  2. Have you given priority time to your family and to the other significant relationships in your life since we last met?
  3. Have you made the choice to look at or read any sexually explicit material since we last met … via the Internet, in print, in movies, or in novels?
  4. Have you been with a woman, or with another male companion anywhere since we've last met, that could be seen as compromising?
  5. Have you fulfilled the responsibilities of your calling as a ___________ ? (fill in the blank with the name of the work you've been called by God to do, or by the roles you've been called by God to take on).
  6. Have you prayed about how you've spent the money God has entrusted you with – and have any of your financial dealings lacked integrity since we last met?
  7. Have you done anything to damage your physical health or avoided taking care of any physical/medical needs?
  8. How have you loved today?
  9. Have you just lied to me about anything or left something out that you want/need to share in order to be totally honest?
These questions can be asked and answered solo. But given the ease with which most of us lie to ourselves, that's about as recommended as going on a diet and then getting a job at Krispy Kreme. On the other hand, taking time once a week or month to sit with a trusted friend, with a friend who has a similar heart for the pursuit honesty and the "with-God" life ... this can be the kind of time-sowing and seed-sowing that leads to genuine transformation. Godspeed.



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Amber said...

Hi Gregg, not really commenting on this specific post just wanted to say hi. I finally got around to looking through the last Journal from Fox and saw the link to your blog. I just wanted to say, again and many times over, my brothers and I really appreciate everything you did for us back in '95 and beyond. Thank you so much.

- Amber Elstad