09 February 2007

PSALM 23 | A song written out of the heart
of David and entrusted into the heart of God …
(paraphrased by Gregg Lamm)

1 Jesus Christ is my shepherd – and frankly, He provides me with everything I need. While leading, guiding, protecting, and feeding me, He gives me an example of how He wants me to live alongside the people whose lives He’s called me to connect with.

2 And here’s how Jesus shepherds me and the other sheep in His flock … He gives us both the rest and the nourishment we need when we follow Him to the green pastures that are found in the Truth in His WORD, and when we dive headfirst into, and drink from the cool streams of worship and prayer He invites us to experience.

3 And as I receive rest and nourishment by following the example of Jesus … and as I live a life committed to the WORD of God … to worship … and to prayer, here’s what happens … the torn-apart pieces of my life start being knit back together and I find myself thinking and doing things that are honoring to Him and that form the very character and DNA of Jesus Christ inside of me.

4 Even when my life has chapters where I feel more like I’m dying than being re-born, I’m not crippled or paralyzed by anxiety and fear, because the strong and tender shepherding of Jesus Christ is undeniable … His presence and His voice protecting and comforting me with each breath and step I take.

5 And the plans Jesus Christ has for me aren’t just a private affair. No, far from it. Because when I make the choice to accept them and live into them, He has an uncanny way of letting people far and wide (even my enemies) know that He’s providing for me in ways that are over the top, above and beyond, and nearly unbelievable.

6 Without a doubt Jesus is the best thing that’s ever happened to me – and I know that His good, His best, His love, and His passion, will chase after me, steer me, and stand alongside me every day of my life here on earth, and then throughout eternity after I ditch this gravity-bound globe and am face-to-face with Jesus in heaven. Amen.



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Jared Jones said...


I was delighted to see you on the front page of the Oregonian today. Way to lead and be the light of Christ in this dark world! I'm grateful for you. Not that getting publicity is what it's all about, but it's sure good to see such a great story in the news.